Rilazar and P&D Pharmaint Inc, are part of the Pharma International Group based in the city of Tegucigalpa, Honduras founded in March 1994, the Pharma International Group has presence in the countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Panama and representation in China and India and Italy. constituted by La Droguería Pharma Internacional, El Laboratorio and La Veterinaria.

P&D Pharmaint Inc started its operations in Miami in September 2015. It is the subsidiary for the United States of the Pharma International Group, it was created with the purpose of distributing commercial products and services within the branches of medical for Human and Medical Cosmetics and the coordination of all its subsidiaries worldwide.

In the beginning, it had the distribution for all the United States of the line of vitamins of Pharma International Honduras and of the Rilastil brand of Italy for the line Cosmetics Medica with distribution in Florida.

In the year 2017 a new national distribution for the United States of the French line was acquired, as well as products specialized in hair care.

The Group is headed by its President Mr. Aurelio Nembrini of Italian origin, born in Milan and with more than 24 years of experience in the areas of direction, manufacturing and distribution of products within the medical and cosmetic fields, apart from a long experience in the world of graphics and advertising and marketing.

The group has more than 90 people on its staff, including experts in finance, marketing, technicians and professionals in the pharmaceutical field, finally we have ISO and GMP certifications at an international level.


Since 1972, Rilastil Laboratori Milano have been perfecting dermatological solutions for elasticity of the skin in the best reserach centers in Italy and internationally.
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