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Ammonia Free & Peroxide Free Hair Coloring

J.F. Lazartigue's Coloring Emulsion collection is designed to color hair while leaving behind a refreshed glossy finish! Natural algae gel coats each hair strand, leaving behind a mesmerizing color and protecting film. 

Cover your greys without damaging your hair

J.F. Lazartigue's coloring emulsion is the way to get 100% great grey coverage without damaging your hair with its ammonia and peroxide free formula, providing a permanent color hold.

Using Coloring Emulsion

For first time use, generously apply at the roots, parting the hair as you move across, before moving on to apply at the length of the hair. Leave for 20-40 minutes then rinse well. Follow up by applying the neutralizing bath. Massage gently in and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

Hot Tip: If your hair has been chemically processed or damaged, don't comb through the length of the hair until the last 2-5 minutes.

For touch-ups: Apply one tube, parting the hair and apply only to the roots. Leave on for 20-40 minutes. Rinse well. Apply one pack of the neutralizing bath, massage in and leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.