Ammonia Free, Peroxide Free Hair Coloring

 We understand the desire to cover and touch up grey hair, but what we don’t understand is sacrificing hair health for color. Unlike other brands, our Coloring Emulsions are both ammonia and peroxide free to ensure no damage comes to the follicles of your hair while still giving a boost of radiant shine and color. 

The difference between Ammonia and Ammonia-Free.

In the coloring process, the dye needs to penetrate your hair’s natural barriers in order to get the color properly absorbed. However, with brands that use ammonia, the chemicals end up lifting your hair cuticles which can cause significant damage to your hair’s health. With the cuticles open and exposed this can lead to a lack of moisture that leaves your hair dry and dehydrated, as well as alter your scalp’s pH balance. In the end this leaves your hair limp and dull.

The peroxide that’s also commonly found in these formulas acts counter intuitively to why you originally purchased the product in the first place! In order for these dyes to effectively color your hair, the peroxide breaks down your natural hair color in order to effectively distribute and develop the dye’s pigmentation. But when peroxide is applied, it changes the hair’s texture so it feels almost straw like. Nothing about that feels healthy.

But with our ammonia and peroxide free Coloring Emulsions, you don’t have to worry about chemically damaging your follicles or scalp, instead you’re free to enjoy happy, youthful, and beautiful hair. Along with our 15 unique shades of Coloring Emulsions, we’ve developed a luxurious feeling Neutralizing Bath in order to give your hair the extra help it needs in order to lock in color and moisture without compromising your scalp’s natural oils.


J Laughlin

New York City, NY

I love Lazartique products as they are what they are. They do cover all grey hair. They are not damaging to the hair as they do not have peroxide or ammonia. I will continue using their products


Boston, MA

I have sensitive skin and favor natural products as well as a natural look J.F. Lazartigue color emulsion scores high on both counts. Without harsh chemicals, it brings back my natural hair color.


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